Friday, January 23, 2009

African fashion designer: Sika Designs

Those of you living in the London area check out Sika designs. It is a London based clothing design company that only uses fabrics from Ghana.

Sika design -African prints in fashion
This dress is stunning especially with the belt!!!!!
Sika design on ciaafrique-le pagne africain sur ciaafrique
Sika design -african-print- dresses

African print dresses- on ciaafrique-modele de  robe pagne africain sur ciaafrique

I have a lot of AFRICAN print dresses but I would not mind adding these ones to my collections. Their designs are elegant, flirty and very up to date .You can contact Sika designs at


  1. Love your site. we need more African Fashionistas

  2. im an african fashionista. you'll see one day. i promise.


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