Wednesday, April 25, 2012


solange knowles in Maki oh

 My wish finally came true when I saw solange finally showing some love to one of Africa's greatest fashion houses Nigerian label Maki oh.The star was the DJ of the night at the Splendid Soho Store opening party in New York City a few days ago. Remember a few months ago I made a post titled My shameless tweets to Solange Knowles where I wrote that I will be tweeting solange Knowles for a month to wear the work from African designers. I mean you should know by now that she is one of my friends ( in my head of course)and she loves wearing African print.  I tweeted her just a few times because I did not want to be labeled as a stalker .I never actually thought that she was going to go for Maki oh.  This look is a bit risqué (skirt) for me  but I think she looks beautiful in it.

solange knowles in Maki oh
Two is always better than one. She also wore this printed  blouse from Maki oh in the same week  . To be honest I did not like this look at all . There is just something not quite right about it. 

So which look works for you ? the first or second? 

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  1. The first look. Solange is werking that skirt.


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