Thursday, May 5, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Afia by Meghan Sebold

I wanted to introduce this line for a while but did not get the time to do it .Meghan Selbold is brain behind Afia. Afia is a sustainable women's apparel line that is fashion forward in style and purpose. In contrast to the fast fashion model that has become so commonplace, Afia values the craft behind every step of the production process.
Patterns are made by individuals in Chicago, New York's garment district, and Ghana, West Africa. Textiles are sourced from small vendors in Ghana immediately impacted by our bulk purchase. The pieces are hand sewn by the Dzidefo Women's Cooperative in the village of Kpando, Ghana. Afia is an accessible option for supporting fair wage labor, handcrafted goods, and international collaboration. The collection will be up for sale today at the launch . More to come ..... later in the meantime have fashionable day or night .

photo credits: Afia

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