Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inspired by Africa: Shaun Robinson wore Ivory coast born Designer Christiane King’s Dress to the Oscars

Access Hollywood Reporter Shawn Robinson wore this beautiful blue dress from Ivory coast designer Christiane King at the 2011 Academy Award in Los Angeles. The dress is part of her 2011 spring/summer collection .In Case you are not familiar with the work of Christiane please check here and here . Celebrities like  Lisa Raye, Teri Hatcher ,Haylie Duff to name a few  are all fan of her work.African designers rock !!!!!!
Do you like the dress ? 


  1. I love that more and more African-born fashion designers are getting Hollywood attention on the red carpet.

    Great eye as always, Assa!

  2. Exactly Chi-Chi. I'm so proud of them! All this exposure is awesome


  3. Christiane King is such a amazing designer, I can t believe she was kicked out from project runway


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