Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ivory Coast designer spotlight : Christiane King

 According to her website Christiane King was born in the Cote d’Ivoire (French for the Ivory Coast) where she spent most of her childhood and college years. After earning a Bachelors Degree in International Trade in the City of Abidjan and interning at the country’s top oil refinery, she realized her passion lied somewhere else.Christiane always showed a strong interest in fashion. But growing up in a country where fashion is highly underrated, she could not get her parents’ support, nor could she guarantee herself a successful career in fashion.
Christiane then started a career in acting which took off very quickly. “I was on a quest... anything that could get me one step closer to the world of fashion was something I was willing to try.”Soon enough the opportunity to travel presented itself and Christiane left the Cote d’Ivoire for Paris and later relocated to Los Angeles. Experiencing both French and American cultures has really allowed her to broaden her fashion sense.

Today, Christiane’s collections feature designs that are strongly influenced by her life experiences. Her signature layered and textured look result from the combination of her traditional heritage with the Western cultures she’s been exposed to. But “a woman’s body is my greatest inspiration” she explains. Her garments celebrate the arts and crafts from her Ivorian culture, but also maintain very modern styles and silhouettes.

Christiane graduated with Honors from Woodbury University in Los Angeles with a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design. Her commitment has certainly paid off. Christiane’s final collection was one to be judged by renowned industry professionals and received the award for “Best of Couture” at the University’s Annual Gala.

Christiane King launched her first Womenswear Collection in the Fall of 2006 and is growing bolder since then. Today Christiane King's edgy, flirty, and fun designs are gaining popularity amongst the Hollywood starlets. Her designs are available at and will soon be available in stores nationwide

Note : Christiane was  a contestant  in  project runway.

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