Wednesday, November 25, 2009

African tees: Kayobi clothing

Kwabena Boateng is the designer of Kayobi clothing .I  not only love the designs but the way they took these wonderful pictures. I dont know about you guys but most of the time for me to buy something I have to relate to it first . LearN a bit about Kwabena Boateng  through his own words:

I am a child of the early 80s  and my inspiration comes from my childhood in Africa - 3rd born to Ghanaian parents of 7 boys and no girls. I spent formative years (baby - until 22) in Ghana. I have always liked drawing and scribbling designs and when growing up would always turn my note books into pieces of art whilst in class - this gift of creativity was rekindled during my university years when I taught my self how to paint first on discarded wood and eventually onto t - shirts for friends and university societies such as the Hip Hop society. The response was great and this gave me the conviction that designing was a financially viable enterprise. Upon graduation I planned on how I would set up my clothing line with hours of reading online and finding out how other people had started up - this was not easy because most people will not be forthcoming and helpful with information such as how to screen print t - shirts. I eventually made my first t shirt on the 08/08/08 and as the say the rest is in progress.

Kayobi website
and you can also contact  the designer by email

or buy the clothes here

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