Monday, June 13, 2011

Ciaafrique fashionista of the Week : Bee AkA Chic Therapy

Name: Bee aka Chic Therapy
Country: USA
What is your style: I don’t think I have one style; I really am all over the place. My inspiration mostly comes from color and I wear them really bright. I also love loud and bold prints and so I wear tons of African print. Right now, I love silks and chiffon and I am dying to add some great pieces to my closet. As much as I like getting dolled up, I think comfort is key (minus heels-lol), and so I am into the whole blazer/leggings look.
Something you will never wear: Sunglasses, they look horrid on me.
Favorite Designers: Not that I own any of their pieces, but I love Rachel Roy (loves the understated elegance of her pieces), Lanre Da Silva (she’s been a favorite of mine for a long time), Betsey Johnson (her pieces are so fun and girly), Dianne Von Frustenberg, Marc Jacobs & Ituen Basi
Heels or flatsThat’s a tough one. It really depends on the occasion.  I recently vowed to stop buying high heels. I however, still love them; most of my heels are about 4- 6 inches. I also love my flats and I think I own all colors you can possibly think of.



  1. She inspires me to wear color. Love her! :D


  2. luv her colour blocking outfit. she has a striking resemblance to Monique in that picture. great outfits

  3. Lover her style

    Lola x


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