Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AFRICAN FASHION DESIGNER : Introducing O'mak designs

Uche Ibezue is the name behind the label O'mak designs. O'mak Designs is a ready to wear line of clothing created to express a bold, confident and graceful style found in its every detail & style.
O'mak Designs has its foundation in the African patterns.  Uche has enhanced these African patterns with a mix of contemporary designs that has become the style of women both in Africa and internationally. Her unique cuts, shapes, and color has become the fashion frame of reference for women everywhere especially young African women.

Among this new generation of fashion designers, O'mak designs is effectively carving a niche for herself in this fast paced industry. Her versatility and creative flair has made her a popular designer among women all over the world.  As a result of this she was asked to host a fashion talk show titled "STYLE WITH OMAK" on Ben Television, a London based television station starting in January which will feature  other renowned designers to discuss and showcase various aspects of fashion specific to each designer.She has been featured in several fashion events and in many publications across the globe.O'mak Designs will be launching their new collection on July 31st 2011 ( my birthday) in Washington ,DC so make sure you stay tuned to Ciaafrique for the latest . www.omakdesigns.com

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  1. awesome!may God contiue to bless you Uche I love your dresses


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