Monday, October 21, 2013

Nigerian Designer Wana Sambo S/S 13 collection "NAKED"

Wana SAmbo S/S 13 collection "NAKED"
 According to the designer The WS SS13 RTW collection is a cross between vintage work wear and modern daywear borrowing its influence from the 90’s. Wana imagined what the love child of a Kurt Cobain and Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s music would be like if it were clothing.

The Naked collection is a juxtaposition based on the reality of these two men’s lives. Naturally, Fela was almost always near naked and Kurt Cobain, who most speculates died loveless, committed suicide. Looking at the depth of the reality of their lives, she came to a conclusion that they both were naked. According to the dictionary, one of the various definitions of the word ‘Naked’ means ‘without clothes or protection’. Fela was more the former and Kurt the latter.

The WS SS13 collection is a struggle for the placement of an identity on these two legendary musician’s love child. I used a lot of Reds, Blacks, Off-whites, Peach, Gold and abstract fabric patterns, textures and colors. I also played with the idea of being both legends personal stylist and transferring their creativity, art and personality unto their female offspring, whose first name would be ‘Naked’ and last name, ‘Kuti-Cobain’.

Peep the entire collection below and leave your thoughts.

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