Friday, November 9, 2012


Introducing  Kokomina a label based in Germany. As soon as I saw the picture of this model I just wanted the to know who the designed this cute sweater. So a after a few minutes of searching I found them. They make accessories and clothing.Here is what their facebook page says:

KOKOMINA, we are not about trends. We stay true to originality. Our dedication is to create ageless as well as extravagant designs with traditional and contemporary fabrics. We have an undying passion for creativity and a goal to be different. Each product is truly hand-made and produced with a lot of care. The characteristics of the fabric itself are unique and our inspiration is found in the wonderful world called life. Be independent, be incomparable, be yourself!
You can check out more here  

 PS:The power of ciaafrique, Yeah let me praise myself a bit. I posted one of the pictures of this label the other day on my facebook and within hours it was everywhere. 

Photographer: Lee Maas 
Make up: Tatjana Scherer
Model: Sarah, Laura, Sally Collins,
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