Tuesday, June 12, 2012


"Sapellé products are designed with every-day wear in mind. The fabrics selected have a distinctive African theme, and the styles are modern and adaptable."

Looking for a cute African print top , dress, skirt or even jacket to hit the town? Look no further than www.Sapelle.comSapellé a newly-established on-line retailer made its debut this month with the launch of its on-line boutique Sapelle.com, selling beautiful contemporary African-inspired fashion and home decor products. 
As well as introducing labels who've previously only operated in their home markets like Kiko Romeo, Kutowa and Kooroo . Sapelle.com will also stock labels which are more established in Europe and North America such as Tina Lobondi, Choolips, Adjoa Osei and Modahnik, and some stunning fair trade accessories from names such as Chameleon Earth and Indego Africa.

The store is temporaly closed.

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A spokesperson for Sapelle.com said, 

"It's exciting that the global fashion industry is bringing African-inspired design into the mainstream. We think a thriving community of retailers selling these products can only be a good think for the home market - and for the many people out there seeking a range of products they can access easily Our suppliers create beautiful, trendy and well-crafted products in a socially responsible way. Most African-based design labels don’t have a route to the global fashion market, mainly because of logistical issues. And most Western retailers don’t have the resources or the means to seek out the best talent from across the continent. We're here to provide a platform for those suppliers and a bridge to the growing number of discerning shoppers who seek stylish, good quality fashion that looks fantastic and is produced responsibly."

Garments on sale at Sapelle.com include wardrobe staples like tribal print skirts for office, seasonal summer dresses and sophisticated formalwear, with an impressive range of fairtrade bags, priced in the mid-range. Visit Sapelle.com today or contact them at  daphnek@sapelle.com, or call Daphne at +44(0) 7867 483 341.

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