Monday, January 9, 2012


Pooja Jeshang is an upcoming talented fashion designer who graduated from Birmingham City University in England last year. She is currently a freelance designer who has used her time effectively to launch her own brand Saffron which specializes in Ready to Wear and evening wear. Pooja takes her inspiration from a range of sources in her everyday life whilst also being inspired by culture and society across the globe. She was named a top eight emerging designer for Swahali Fashion Week 2010.She currently has two collections in her portfolio, the first Military Power which she worked on in her final year at university and the second Jambo Afrika which she launched with her label Saffron at Swahili Fashion Week 2011.

Pooja’s first collection Military Power was inspired by past issues in society where there was a sharp contrast between men’s and women’s rights. The collection was inspired by the changes regarding women in the past years and how they are no longer undermined as they live in a society where women are powerful and have the ability to do anything. Teamed with a touch of military power and a limited but eye catching colour palette Pooja has created a range which is both feminine and sexy but compliments the all powerful woman with close attention to detail and accessories.
Pooja’s second collection Jambo Afrika was inspired by a source much closer to home in which she had a refreshing take on everyday basics and casual wear by using bold and vibrant African prints. She has used contemporary designs and ideas and fused them with African motifs to create a playful and flirty collection using bursts of bright colour teamed with a darker and alluring colour palette.

She is also working on her third untitled collection in which she will be taking her inspiration from the orient and the eastern culture. I can't wait to see what her next collection. If you are interested in knowing more about  this line you can get in contact with the designer here and here.

Price range: $50 to $150

So what do you think of the collection ? Is it one of your favorite African fashion houses? designers? would you like to see more from them . Please comment and subscribe by email.

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