Monday, January 9, 2012


 Bocoum is a luxurious  swimwear line based in Atlanta Georgia.The designer Fatima Bocoum is originally from Mali ( Happy face ). Fatima started sketching since she was a young girl and finally decided to start her own line at only 23 years old. When I asked her about her line this is what she had to say

Bocoum is more than a brand; it is a multicultural vision of Haute Couture, an artistic expression of travels between continents. Bocoum defines fashion and beyond by representing the essence of a universal lifestyle, with an edge surpassing all expectations.At Bocoum, our mission is to predict the desires of our customers, and project innovative products. In doing so, we choose only the finest of materials; Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls are just a few of the bold elements in our collections.We are dedicated to client satisfaction and are committed to infusing integrity, honesty, and respect into every aspect of our process.
I love introducing new and established African designers from all over Africa but you all know that this is close to my heart not only because the line is beautiful but because she also from Mali.Unfortunately in Mali we do not have a lot of designers per say or if there are they are not putting themselves enough out there to get noticed. So I get really excited when a designer is from home.The line is pretty good for a debut collection. She has a good and very interactive site. Make sure  you check out the unique handmade pieces  below and if you like what you see please check  her website at

So what do you think of the Bocoum line? Is it one of your favorite African fashion houses? designers? Would you like to see more from them? Make sure you comment and Subscribe to Ciaafrique


  1. They are very pretty, but could you actually go on the beach and swim and roll in the sand wearing one of these while maintaining your modesty and not ruining some very expensive swimwear?

    What I mean is- are they fit for purpose on the beach or just meant for the runway or for ladies who don't stray from the sun-lounger?

  2. Love the jewel type details on the swimsuit!--Nice work!


  3. I don't think it is for deep swimming... but I think the designer might have taught of that (women being able to swim with these). Anyway, I really love her designs. They are very elegant & sophisticated I would even wear them with some jeans ....

  4. Hot hot hot! Love it!


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