Monday, November 21, 2011


Salut tout le monde ,
A few days ago I asked my followers on Twitter  if there was something out there called a tweetstalker. Because I was about to  tweet Solange Knowles at least once a day to tell her how I love her style and how i wanted her to try one of our talented African fashion designers. Many of you responded and said that she might not see it anyways and some said yes that is stalking  and some said not really . My intention was the following:
I have been following the down to earth  style evolution of solange knowles for a while now and I can tell you that I am not the only one who is officially in love with her style and her hair .  As a natural girl its amazing to see another natural hair celeb in Hollywood  doing her thing.I love that despite the fact that her sister Beyonce is one of the biggest stars of our generation she was able to come out of her shadows and created a name and style on her own.
Its no secret that solange loves boxing kitten  and we seen her rocking their designs over and over again. I wanted to tweet her For the rest of the month of November I ask her to please please  please!!!! try one of our African designers. However after careful thinking I thought that it wil be best if the tweet came from the designers themselves. After all that's why they pay their PR people to do. In this day and age its so easy for designers to contact celebrities. I am sure they might not respond but I am sure if you persist a little bit they might respond. When Elle Varner wore this dress a few weeks  ago when I tweeted her she responded back to me . So you never know.

 What do I like about Solange Knowles ?
-She can wear anything and look good in it
-She wears African prints
-She has natural hair 
-She is multi-talented   
 So solange I still love you and if you   if you ever  happen to read this ( 99.98% you won't) I want you to know that you are  voice of so many fashionistas right now. If you wear an outfit from an African designer you will be sending  a message to everyone out there that its ok to try new things and give a chance to the talented designers from other countries.

What do you guys think? Do you think I am  crazy ? or do you think I should have continued with my plan. 


  1. Oh so we have another thing in common, since I absolutely ADORE Solange too, and I'd be a stalker too if I thought she would see me =(
    I've been a fan of her style, day by day and admire her bold choices. She is one beautiful lady.
    My advice? Keep tweeting her, she'll see it one day, and I bet she'll be happy to hear she has a fan =)

    Take care!!

  2. Yes yes. Keep tweeting her. I love that she has her own identity when she could be living in her sisters shadow.

  3. gooooo on sister tweet and i wil RETWET

  4. I loved reDING THIS ARTICLE, so funny. Solange why didnt u answer ?? hahahhaa.. We love ur style !

  5. keep tweeting her
    no shame in your game
    I love her style
    she's really come into her own

  6. Just found your Blog loving it x


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