Wednesday, August 24, 2011

lookbook: Wana Sambo new Fall 2011 collection ‘LIGHT AS AIR’

Wana Sambo is a high street fashion brand with each piece is designed with a target for daily use. This means that every WS piece can be worn repeatedly and dressed up in different ways by the wearer. Our design aesthetic ensures that each design is not limited to events or occasions. Most pieces can easily transform from day-wear to night-wear .The collection ‘Light as Air ‘ stemmed from the designer’s appreciation for the tulle fabric… 

its softness and free-flowing nature ensures the comfort of the
wearer and the ability to make one feel ‘light-as-air.’The look book was shot on an old ship. Here, the model is in a state of confusion/ dissatisfaction where she wonders why her fantasy about living luxuriously on a ship is not real. She see’s herself as a demi-god able to tackle anything because she is ‘light-as-air’… but like every fantasy ends, reality sets in. . . Its an old ship in the dock.The use of the Ankara fabric for hand scrunchies, shorts, pockets and inner linings, and the multi-coloured Aso-oke skirt ensures our staying true to African heritage per collection. The Wana Sambo woman is fierce, strong and exotic.


Photography – Eribon Photography - 08029961287

Styling – Wana Sambo & Onyinye Fafi Obi - @baboOsh01

Make-up – The Wana Sambo crew

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