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Malaika Designs was born in spring of 2010 through the creative effort of Adwoa Ode-Dombrowe and Rosemary Dede. The name Malaika, means „Angel“ or „Good Spirit“ in Swahili. 
   Here is what they  had to say about their label

We called our fashion label Malaika, inspired by Adwoas daughter, who was born summer 2009 and who embodies all that Malaika Designs stands for – a loving fusion of Africa and Europe. The basic idea of our fashion line is to mix African fabrics with European cuts. All our items are handcrafted and produced from carefully selected fabrics. With our creations we strive to bring the vibrancy and vitality of African fabrics closer to fashion-conscious European man and woman.Besides our fashion line we produce complementing accessories. Our Female collection 2010 was produced in Berlin. Our next collection 2011 will also include a male and children’s line. Each year Malaika Designs produces only a limited collection – according to our guiding principle “Be Unique”.

Adwoa Ode-Dombrowe was born in Ghana, West-Africa. She grew up in Ghana and lives in Germany since 1996. When she was 5 years of age, she observed her auntie, who produced high-quality fashion in Ghana back then. While she watched her auntie her lifelong fascination with fashion was born. Since that time she is creating her own unique style. “My desire is to give people the opportunity to adorn themselves with my designs and to bring beauty into their lifes“. A characteristic of African culture is the special importance that is given to the way you dress – not only as an expression of individuality or social status, but especially as an expression of self-esteem and resilience. Malaika Designs creations embody that unique spirit for you to experience.

Rosemary Dede is also of Ghanaian decent. She was born in Germany and raised in Belgium. She studies Intercultural Relations Management. She co founded several non-profit organizations that help young Africans find their way in their adopted country. Although Rosemary was born in Europe, she has always been drawn to Africa, especially Ghana. She admires African culture and knew from an early age that whatever career path she would choose, she would find a way to share her love for Africa with the world. Growing up she used to watch her mother trying on her best African attire to go to church. Until this day, whenever she is choosing fabric, she always gets her mother’s advice”. Source



Check out their website for more info.
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Photos and bio : Malaika

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