Tuesday, February 8, 2011

lookbook : Akpos Okudu 2011 Spring/summer collection

Bigger, Better, Brighter! AKPOS OKUDU Launches Spring/ Summer 2011 Collection

Feminine, wearable and playfully sophisticated are words that best describe Akpos Okudu pieces. Every Akpos Okudu piece shows a love for lush fabric, intricate details and colour. With this collection, the designer is clearer about her clients’ needs and what they are about and has made clothes that women love to wear, want to wear & CAN afford to wear.

Visit www.akposokudu.com or designer blog www.ijawgirl.blogspot.com for more info.

Any Thoughts ?


  1. not too fan of this collection to much color for me . she could have choosen better model as well.

  2. I don t think is bad for a young designer. buy Nigerian people. I will for sure check her out

  3. I Am sorry but this is unacceptable Assa, MAybe you should start by consulting the collection before posting them . If you compare this to the mimi plange collection there is a big difference. The colors are all over the place . I got to give her for trying we will still support her work hopefully the next collection will be better

  4. Naija People stop Hating, I am sure all the negative comments cannot cut a fabric. There is a reason why she made it to the bella Naija list . Akpos you are a fabulous designer I love and will buy the clothes


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