Friday, April 23, 2010

African Fashion Show :Sira Vision 2010 photos

" I have mentioned Sira vision several times here on Ciaafrique . Sira vision is one of the biggest fashion shows  in Africa. The show reunites more than  30 designers in one  stage in the  fashion capital of  Dakar Senegal. Its Really hard to find any info about this show on the net . Anyways  Here on Ciaafrique I cover everything related to African fashion anywhere in the world.  This year  I was able to  watch the show live online and it was just Amazing . One of the strongest moment of the show  for me was when  Imane Ayissi presented his signature all white collection ( see pics below).  I always like to show the positive side of our designers but many of the designers who presented their collections   did not think outside of the box because we've seen  the same thing from them over and over again . As mentioned previously the strongest  collection were  from Martial Tapolo, Imane Ayissi, Elie Kuam, Gilles Toure,  and Diaga diaw to name a few . Below are some pictures for your viewing pleasure "

Martial Tapolo
Maybe not wearable but very fashionable .
Diaga Diaw

The collection was very  futuristic  

Elie Kuam

I love the  white dress
Imane Ayissi

Imane Ayissi is the bomb  !!!!

Pepita D


What are your thoughts on these pics ?

Pictures Courtesy of , Frederick de la chapelle, and Martial Tapolo.

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