Sunday, March 14, 2010

African Swimwear designers

Yes guys you saw the title right African Swimwear Designers. Although spring is around the corner here on Ciaafrique I am already thinking about the sun in summer after e all I was born and raised in one the hottest countries in the world . Anyhow today I took some time to research and found some of hottest  African swimsuit designers. I am sure there are plenty more out there but so far these are my favorite. If you know more please hit me up so I can post it .

lalesso is most definitely one the hottest line out there .  

  Aya Morrison does not need not any introduction here on ciaafrique . I have posted about this young  talent from Ghana already in the past  and the line is by  far my favorite one.

Bantu  wax is one of the most  talked about swim wear online. They have captivated the world with their vibrant designs

We all know that black coffee was  at the 2010 Arise fashion week. I was surprised  to learn  that they make Swimwear .

This is the  swim wear line of Stoned cherrie from South Africa.

There you have it  Afronistas , All of the Above  designers make other stuff like , shoes, handbags and clothes. I hope you  are getting beach ready  because  summer is only  3 months away. Stay Fabulous !!!!!!!!

Do you like what you see? then don't forget to check out my African designers Directory to Discover more talents.


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