Saturday, February 20, 2010

Designer spotlight : Nkwo Onwuka

Nkwo Onwuka  has been around for while but I did not get chance to  introduce her to  Y'all. Check out her profile

It started with an obsession for dolls and a mother who taught her how to sew. Nkwo earned a degree in psychology, but her love of making pretty things has turned into a thriving fashion business.She is inspired by the wild freedom and innovation of the '60s and '70s and strong African influences. This fusion has produced a new and exciting style called 'Afro - Bohemian Chic'. This collection debuted at Kulture2Couture 2007 where she won the Phoenix Award presented by the Mayor of London's office in conjunction with the V&A.
Nkwo is dedicated to keeping Africa's traditions alive and  working on projects that support communities and encourage self-sufficiency. Through African art and design, we can promote a positive image of Africa and show the world that there is more to the continent than poverty, starvation and war.. Source . The following photos were posted about 3 weeks   ago on her facebook page . 

I am getting a little Asian inspiration from this collection ( HAIR and OUTFITS). Are  you felling it ? 
You can contact Nkwo here or here


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