Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Designer spotlight : Kwesi Nti

 Kwesi Nti is the head designer of Tribe clothing  a Ghanaian fashion house .According to his website Kwesi Nti Ltd, in its eighteen (18) years of existence has produced a lot of laurels, being one of the few designers who design both clothing and footwear in Ghana.The company has high class clientele which includes heads of States on the African continent and also has a competitive market in America and Europe.This Italian trained, talented Ghanaian designer believes he has only begun in his quest to attain true high fashion that is at work.

Kwesi Nti was trained in design and manufacture of footwear and other leather products at the Politecknico Industriale per lo Ssvillupo International ed.Economico in Ancona, Italy. He expanded his knowledge and skill by working in Italy and England.On his return to Ghana in 1989, he embarked on his first commercial venture to design, produce and market quality hand-made shoes.Buoyed by the positive response and success he achieved, he then in the same year set up KWESI NTI LIMITED, a registered company specializing in footwear and leather products. In this range kwesi incorporates the use of cowry shells, beads and bronze work to create masterpieces that would make any feet Red Carpet Worthy.The company has since its inception quietly and efficiently carved a lucrative niche for itself in the world of fashion.In 2002, Kwesi Nti expanded his talent into the clothing fashion industry using high quality linen together with African fabric and accessories to produce afro centric designs that are signatured with his unique embroidery and patchwork. 
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