Monday, August 3, 2009

Interview with Ghanaian Designer Andrew Osafo

Hello fashionistas,
I hope you all had a good week end because I did. It was my b day weekend so had a lot of fun with friends and family. Although I had some moments that were kind of disappointing but I learn just to go on with life.Enough About me I would like to introduce to you Andrew Osafo. Andrew is a designer based in Chicago. I have been getting several emails asking me to find more African local designer. He is not in Toronto but you can access him any time.As soon as I saw his designs I was glued to my computer trying to more of his work. I will let you find out more about him now.
Ciaa:Hello Andrew can you tell us a bit About yourself ?
My name is Andrew Osafo and I am a Ghanaian living in Chicago who happen to have too much passion for fashion.

Ciaa:How did you get into designing?
I got into designing from watching my Mother having clothes made for herself. At some point she realised I was picking up her fashion sense and she would ask my opinion on her choices of fabrics and styles .

Ciaa:What motivate you to keep going ?
Seeing the expression on the faces of clients when they find exactly what they are looking for.
Ciaa:Do you make clothes for all shapes and sizes? And are they Pre-made?
Interestingly it is across board all ages , men and women.

Ciaa:What do you think about the Emerging Skills, creativity, talents of African designers?
The problem with most African designers is they do not realising who they are as designers and also need to learn the urgency of time in terms of delivery.

Ciaa:What kind of reactions are getting from people around Chicago ? I know I was very impressed with the way your designs are put together.
Very positive reaction people are just excited to have the prints made in the designs as such.

Ciaa:Where do you hope to be in 5 years time ?
Am dreaming big.
Ciaa:Where can Ciaafrique readers get in contact with you to order your fabulous designs?
My clothes are pre-made for all shapes and sizes my web site is

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CIAAFRIQUE is the way to go.

Photo credits: Robert Beczarski

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  1. I think Andrew is a promising Designer already making waves in the Fashion Industry! It would be interesting to keep eye on this young designer and watch how high & far he would take the African fabric into designing on the International scene!


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