Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 According to the designer 

"It’s Archel as a clothing collection began a few years ago when Archel Bernard returned from her hometown of Monrovia, Liberia with about 30 dresses to sell to her friends in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The dresses completely sold out because Africans and African Americans in the States were all excited to have a piece of fashion from West Africa. Now Archel develops more and more ready to wear styles to sell in Liberia and in the United States. Each piece is simple, fun, affordable, and one of a kind. No one will ever have the exact same dress in the exact same cloth, similar to a true tailoring experience in Liberia. The best thing about the shop is that each piece is handmade by a Liberian woman, which means each purchase helps lift a girl your age from the ashes of war through her work. Now, everyone with any budget can have a piece of contemporary West African fashion."

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