Friday, February 3, 2012


Salut dolls,
Its the end of the week and I am  always excited for the weekend. I would like to thank the dolls over at Shadders for keeping me on loop about this fab Ghanaian fashion house AjePomaa Design  Although I had never heard of AjePomaa before this is their sixth collection.

The inspiration for this collection was taken from the silhouette of the Great Gatsby from the period of the1920s. Silhouettes then, represented a lighter and free spirited time. This new collection modernizes the fashion of the roaring twenties by adding a burst of color using color blocking and intense vibrant prints.Fearless Evolution represents the ajePomaa Gallery woman as bold and reborn, having evolved from her past self. The use of chiffon fabric represents a light and unrestraint feel, combined with bold complex wax prints, to show an explosion of vibrant colors such as canary yellow, heather grey, apple green, bright blue and burnt orange. This represents an intense evolution.
Adding soft detailing such as neck ties, knife pleats, and flowing silhouettes gave a bit of feminine
panache to the collection; a contrast to the androgynous style of the Twenties era.

  AjePomaa Gallery's "FEARLESS EVOLUTION"collection is very affordable and most of the designs come in different sizes ranging from a UK size- 6-20, to a US size- 2-16 .

So what do you think of AjePomaa ? Is it one of your favorite African fashion houses? designers? would you like to see more from them ? Please comment , Subscribe, and like ciaafrique's facebook page.

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