Sunday, February 5, 2012


  For those of you who don't know  yes I do have an instagram  but I set my profile to private because I do have some intimate pictures in there ( no not naked pictures , I don't do that ). I have pics of my hubby and my sons .So I  thought I'd keep you up to date with some stuff happening in my life right now. Below are the stories behind each photo

  • Yep I am in love with my Leopard shoes. I bought them a couple of weeks ago and I can't wait to wear them . I was thinking maybe on valentine's day. I am planning on wearing it with a red dress or maybe blazer. 
  • Snap this pic while talking  to my mama via skype. She is always happy to see me with a little head scarf on  my head. She is so old school and still think I am a little baby.
  • I spend almost all  my free time now watching this youtube show called The Scorpion Show with Kevin & Makeal. These guys are so funny . They talk about everything from celebrities, to real life and everything in between. I actually called their live show yesterday just to tell them how much I love them. So you guys better check them out ,they will  make your day a little brighter.
  • I received my box of wigs and weaves. I don't like to go to the  beauty supply store much to buy my  hair therefore I buy about 15 packs together  online to last me for a few months.  Beside the store owner of my local beauty store spend their time checking you out like you about to steal something. I am not having that . If you look in my closet you will swear that I sell hair lol .
  • No much to say about the first image because I posted about that a few days ago and you can read it here 
  • Picture 2&3 were taken at Yorkdale Mall which is one of the biggest if not the biggest in Toronto. Top Shop opened here in Canada only last year I think around October 2011. I did not bother to go to the opening because I knew that it will be full of people anyways. I finally went there to see what the buzz was all about. I could not find anything, and I asked a girl what was the biggest size in the store and she advised me that it was UK 8 I knew right there and then that I might never go back there again unless I lose a few pounds. (lol). The shoes were just ok nothing fancy. To be honest I will pick Zara or H&M over Topshop. I also had to snap that big poster of Nyasha Matonhodze who took the modeling world by storm at only age 16. So proud of her.
  • Last but not least get use to seeing my little coffee here. Yes, I am a Starbucks junkii.  For the last 3 years I have drank Starbucks every single day. I only order one thing and that is the white mocha Frappuccino with extra Ice. It does not matter if there is a storm outside I will still get out and get my coffee. Everyone knows me at my local starbucks for that reason my coffee gets made before I even order it . I guess the reason I kept going was  because of their amazing customer service. Any who the money I've spent there so far could have bought me a lot of clothes , but  me like it !!!!
  •  I will share more photos with you on the FEB instagram update. 
 Stay Fab !!!


  1. beautiful pics!!!! amazing blog!! i'm following you!!if you like mine,do the same!!!

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  2. love it. I was JUST looking at some leopard shoes that I want to buy too but they're flat. I want a bright color to wear with it:)


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