Friday, October 15, 2010


AAMAA Couture is an all round fashion design outlet. The fashion house was established in 2009 by Designer Toyosi Mobereola.The company is still relatively new, growing its customer base every  day. The label 'AAMAA Couture' is inspired by the phenomenon that is 'globalization'. The idea of bringing  different countries together becoming a global nation. AAMAA fashion is about. Fusion, Integration, Merging.  Her collections are based upon the idea of fusion using traditional, as well as contemporary African fabric combined with western influences to create a unique Afro-Centric look that is proving very popular not only in Africa, but also around the world.
Fashion is constantly changing and as a designer, Toyosi keeps herself updated on the current trends, whilst also making and setting her own trends.
Note: Thanks to Toyosi Mobereola  for sending me her info and these beautiful photos of her latest collection.

So what do you think of AAMAA Couture ? Is it one of your favorite fashion houses? designers? would you like to see more from them . Always let me know if there are any other designers you’d like to see spotlighted on Ciaafrique in the future .


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love every single one of these outfits, they are really beautiful!

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