Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Designer spotlight :Nike Akinola

Nike Akinola launched her signature label in 2004 and has been designing and creating unique garments for the last five years. Her work is a subtle and exquisite fusion of Western elegance coupled with flamboyant and elaborate African fabrics. She combines beautiful fabric with creative design and, most importantly, Africa’s art, history and culture.The beautiful prints and lace are both modern and traditional. They are a true reflection of her native surroundings. When using traditional materials, she brings a sense of warmth, comfort, and harmony into our environment.She is unrelenting in her desire to bring traditional fabrics to the forefront of fashion, celebrating the excellence in her rich and illustrious culture. We strongly believe that these designs work well in every style imaginable whether traditional or contemporary, lending their own inherent tone, character, and interest. She not only embraces her ancestry but reflects current trends in an ever evolving continent.

You can check out her line Here and here
I Adore this Dress

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