Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog love : African fashionistas Andréa and Sandy from Paris most wanted

It is no secret that fashion bloggers have taken the world of fashion by storm . Fashion blogs are increasingly becoming a part of the mainstream fashion press. Although there are only A few  African fashion bloggers  Andrea and Sandy are doing it for all of us .Andrea and  Sandy are  two incredible 20 something  women  living   in  Paris. I love to browse  fashion blogs to see  what's new out there and also get inspired for my next outfit.  These girls just give another definition to the word fashionista.  Altough their style are  different they are both bold ,vibrant ,sassy ,fun and risk takers . The blog Paris most wanted opened  my eyes to another world of young  fashionistas making their way to the top in Paris.  The blog chronicles the hectic life of Sandy and Andrea , the fashion shows they attend and of course their different outfits .Sandy  and Andrea were feature in Vogue paris and UK , GQ paris , Ghubar Magazine  to name a few . You can check them out here and perhaps be one of  their followers . Below are some of my favorite photos.
Andrea Describes her style as a mixture of vintage  and punk.Her style is inspired by Tolula Adeyemi & Shingai Shoniwa

Photo credits: Paris most wanted

If you are an African  fashionista too and would like to be featured on  Ciaafrique please write me at ciaafrique{at} or submit you info here .


  1. wow these girls Are wicked , Very nice ciaa , they are actually doing it for all black girls out there.

  2. The most fabulous African blogger is Biko Beauttah...editor of .She is a transsexual from Kenya and she wears haute couture. visit Lamu Tamu and click on ME category. She totally rocks and I am as obsessed with her blog as I am with yours.

  3. Thanks Katike I will check her out


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