Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jewel by Lisa by Lisa Folawiyo

Hello fashion lovers,

 I don't even know where to start , I have discovered so many talented African designers lately its unbelievable . You might think you learning a lot but I'm too at the same time, I almost run home everyday and grab my laptop just to do my research . There have been a lot buzz about the designer I am about to introduce to you today. Her name is Lisa ( you can read the bio below) she is doing such a phenomenal job and is making us African very proud.I've learned about her back in day in 2006 on Bella naija.She had just started her line then .The First thing that I look for when I check out a designer is their website . The way you present yourself is everything. Lisa is actually one of the designer out that has a very good website . It makes you want to see more . Jewel by Lisa was present at the Arise African fashion show in South Africa and her collection was off the hook.Once again who said Africa does not have talent?
In 2005 Lisa Folawiyo and her team of expert craftsmen stormed onto the Nigerian fashion scene with Jewel by Lisa (JBL). In less than four years Lisa has perfected the art of wearing Ankara, being the first to embellish the fabric with sequins, swarovski crystals, beads and the like, and turning Jewel by Lisa into a coveted luxury label. JBL started out making Ankara skirts, but has now expanded into ranges of dresses, skirts, tops, jewelled necklaces, and cushion covers.

Jewel by Lisa uses the highest quality Ankara from the Vlisco- Hollandais brand and is frequently mixed with fabrics as wide ranging as taffeta, linen, cotton, chiffon, chantilly lace, and silk. Each
Jewel by Lisa
garment is handcrafted, individual and unique. With each embellishment hand sewn carefully onto the fabric, a fully embellished JBL garment on average will take about 120 hours to make. The ease with which the garments can be worn and the intricate workmanship visible in each piece has pioneered and sparked a new revolution in Ankara couture.
Jewel by Lisa has grown with a strong clientele, and the beginning of an international interest. The label has begun to have a say in global fashion and continues to make a solid mark in the industry, developing a cult following, creatively promoting Ankara – turning it into pieces of desire. JBL’s goal is to cater to the Nigerian market, creating one-of-a kind luxury pieces while establishing itself as an international label.‘International Chic’ best describes the woman Lisa Folawiyo is inspired by. She’s stylish, confident, and city chic, with a wardrobe filled with desirable eclectic pieces picked up from her travels; her youthful exuberance speaks effortless and unrehearsed style. She UNDERSTANDS fashion.

In 2008, Jewel by Lisa featured in the This Day Africa Rising Music and Fashion Festival in London, and was one the only Nigerian designer chosen for the catwalk show at the M-net Face of Africa modeling competition.

UPDATE: Jewel by Lisa is now Available on my favorite online store My Asho


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