Thursday, September 4, 2014

African Fashion Online Boutique: KUWALA

 Kuwala, is an online boutique offering ready-to-wear, African-made clothing and accessories that fuse African fabrics, beading, and embroidery with popular Western styles. Originating from the Malawian language of Chichewa, the words “ku wala” mean “to shine,” while “ku vala” means “to wear.”Hence the slogan “ready to wear, ready to shine.”Their mission is to redefine African fashion by making everyday African fashion easily accessible to the North American market. At the heart of their business is the platform they've created for African designers and artisans to showcase and market their creations to the world. Through Kuwala, they aim to promote the African fashion and textile industry.
 Since launching in January 2014, Kuwala has partnered with several designers based in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi, and continues to expand source countries. You can find out about all the designers they are currently working with by visiting their website here

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