Thursday, January 9, 2014

Designer Spotlight: Mefie by Samantha White

African print inspired handbags by mefie
Mefie began in 2012, as a lifestyle brand focused on handbags and housewares using African prints and weaves. The company’s vision is to create a brand that showcases the beauty of African crafts in a way that can be appreciated worldwide and to celebrate the craftspeople that make them. The business first began with a line of wax print cushions and handbags made in Ghana. Building on the initial success, they introduced a line of hand-woven goods -- colourful hand-woven raffia totes made in Madagascar and hand-woven Kente cushions also made in Ghana.

African fashion clothing handbags by mefie see more on

Most recently, Mefie launched a higher end leather line. The leather range is designed to be integrated into a women’s everyday wardrobe while adding an afro-chic twist, commented the designer and owner, Samantha White. The new leather line is created using top-grain leathers and suede mixed with tie and dye and digital prints.
African print handbags by Mefie- sac en pagne

This range is perfect for the fashion-forward professional woman who wants a handbag that can take them from work to play and day to night while still inspired by the iconic prints popularized across the continent. The designer, Samantha, created the line after leaving her corporate role as Business Development Director of a Pharmaceutical Market Research firm. ‘As a working professional, I yearned for pieces that celebrated my heritage and individuality while being ‘work appropriate’ she commented. Hence, the Mefie leather line works to strike that balance—creating beautiful, durable, mixed print handbags.

African print fashion handbags by mefie

The leather satchel is large enough to carry a laptop, while the smaller cross-body bag is suitable to carry a tablet along with all daily essentials and the clutch bag is designed for small items needed for a night out.

African print fashion by mefie

 How cute are the above satchels? If you like what you see,  make sure you check out Mefie's facebook  and website here

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