Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Canadian based fashion house Fenix Couture was founded in 2009 by Josephine Akioyamen. It started as business specializing in haute couture in which it was very successful. As a result of the increasing demands of its clients, it branched into making ready to wear dresses to give a wider customer base the haute couture experience at affordable prices.It retains a competitive edge in serving a global clientele. Fenix Couture designs, constructs, and markets dresses for ladies of high sartorial taste. The company maintains a special slant for working in print for cutting edge designs.

What do you get when you walk underneath cherry blossom flowers in full bloom in Washington USA? It is the “Ihotu Collection”. The Ihotu (meaning love in Idoma (an ethnicity in Nigeria) collection is purposely styled by Fenix Couture to make elegant ladies bloom just like the cherry blossom flowers in bloom.The 2013 Ihotu collection covers a extraordinary array of styles in magnificently lively and prints colours designed purposely to accentuate the natural beauty of ladies everywhere. Indeed Fenix Couture is proud to stand by it “Made in Canada” resulting from its manufacturing ethics and fidelity to high quality to satisfy the needs of its clients.

This collection is absolutely gorgeous and the fact that this designer is based here in Toronto means a lot because you all know I love my Canadian designers. Josephine Akioyamen is for sure a designer to watch for the coming years. Peep the full collection below and Check them out on Facebook here.What do you guys think ?

Clothes by Fenix Couture
Model: Gabby
Photography: Julius Ding
Make- Up Artist: Nicole Ostonal

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  1. Be still my beating heart. These designs are majorly rocking. i want sooo badly.


  2. Ooooooo!!! Very niiiiiiice. Looks very detailed, the model owned the clothes and the photography is easy on the eyes. <3 it!

    1. This is the type of collection i like. The clothes look well designed and the model is selling them too.

  3. This is soooo lovely! Wow, nice cuts, lovely fabrics. beautiful!

  4. I love their designs. So amazing! Lovely informative post ;)

    xoxo Gozika

  5. How can I purchase some of your pieces


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