Friday, April 19, 2013


  FURAHA which  means “happy” in Swahili is a socially-conscious East African brand created in 2010 to combine delight in TheirAfrican heritage with the joy of providing meaningful work for local artisans.They are best known for their “Kikapu”, a traditional hand-woven raffia palm basket adorned in vibrant African prints and hand-woven textiles. The raffia palm baskets are hand woven by rural women weavers from villages in Central Uganda. Because their weavers derive 100% of their income from production of the baskets, FURAHA started an initiative called “Weave Out Poverty” to promote the common traditional skill of basket weaving into a home-based industry. The ultimate goal of “Weave Out Poverty” is to provide income-generating opportunities, as well as reliable and sustainable employment for the weavers. FURAHA women entrepreneurs can go on to eventually create their own small businesses and secure loans that allow them to expand their workshops and weave a proud future. Check out more photos below and on Facebook 


  1. Thank you very much Ciaafrique for promoting our products and more importantly spreading the word about our Weave out Poverty initiative. We truly appreciate it and are delighted to be featured on your blog.

  2. Love the bright colour and cheerfulness of the brand. Will definitely be on the lookout for Furaha's items.

  3. where do i get furaha vikapu in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


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