Sunday, September 9, 2012


 Holla dolls, 

I hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoying your weekend. So I want to start by saying that I had a somewhat ok week because I was able to go to Toronto Fashion night out. Omg I wish I could do a video about my experience because I have so much to say about the night. You might be thinking "she had a wonderful night " WRONG. Maybe depending on where you went  your night ended up being ok but I went to Holt Renfrew and I really had higher expectations about their party and for me it was just Blaaaaaa. You know what ? the bottom line is I had in my head that I will seeing all these celebs and have some cocktails here and there but the only cocktail  I got was some citrus juice from H&M  and diet coke from Coca Cola(LOL).  For a few months now I have thinking about making videos. I want to talk about my wigs , natural hair, fashion and more . If you have any questions for me you can just leave it in the comment box or shoot me an email.... So did any of you attend  FNO in your city ?What was your experience like?

Today my  look is effortless to say the least. My hair was a bit messy so I used a turban to cover it . Blue is one of my favorite colors ,so when I saw this sheer blue shirt  I had to have it . I got to say Forever 21 plus is heaven for a plus size girl on a budget.  


  1. Oh no, so sad to hear you didn't have a wonderful experience at FNO. I really wanted to go to the Holt Renfrew party (there was a lot of hype around it), but had to finish a project for work. Well, it sounds like I didn't miss much. You look so chic in this outfit, and that scarf adds the perfect pop of colour and print to the outfit!

    xo Jenny

    1. Its was all about the hype.There was not a lot of people as I thought there will be, So you did not miss much.

  2. Woww u look amazing! And what a flawless skin u have! X


  3. I must say thank you to my lovely camera and Picasa. Thank you for stopping by .

  4. I love this outfit because that color is so cute for you.
    follow me in my blog and subscribe no hesitate :)

  5. Yea you look amazing and chic in this outfit! And I love how the bright clour print scarf pops. Also love your statement necklace.
    Looking really great on denim!



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