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If you are reading this post chances are you a reader of this blog or an upcoming designer trying to find ways to show his or her collection during some of the most reputable fashion weeks in the world: New York, Paris,Milan,London etc... Let's be real there is no magic tricks to show your collection but  this post can help you think about ways to get there. These questions crossed my mind a few times before and I also always wondered how do designers make the list for New york fashion week for example. Before thinking of showing your collection at any reputable fashion week I would suggest you establish yourself locally first, work on your skills  and work your way from there. I went on the net to find out some info about this question and stumble upon this blog called Search for Style . The blogger of this site Alexandra writes about different ways you can show your collection and also warns the designers about how expensive it is to put fashion show together. Here is a snippet of her post.

"First of all, anyone can show during fashion week, because there is an official schedule, and what we call “off-schedule” shows. Off-schedule just means you put on a show during fashion week, without being on the “official” list. If you are off-schedule, you will not get the major editors to attend (they are at the on-schedule shows), but most respectable publications and some good stores send people to check out the off-schedule shows because they are always on the look out for the next best thing. Some fashion weeks, like London, even have an official off-schedule." read full article here
Mimi Plange S/S 2012 Collection: "A Flower in the Desert Presentation"

The key here is research research research. Whether its NYC fashion week or any other major fashion weeks find the fashion week you think might help your brand and then check out their website to see the requirements.When I checked out the Mercedes Fashion week in NYC I could find everything  but how to show your collection. It got me thinking that only the big names are allowed in . Another way to show your collection during NYC fashion will be to do a presentation. We've seen Ciaafrique's fave Maatano and Mimi Plange do this last year. This is good in the a sense that a lot more people can access your work. I guess the second question  becomes will these show help me make sales ? I am going to cover that question on an upcoming post. Ciaafrique learned from a few fashion insiders that many African fashion weeks are just for the name . Collections are presented but it ends there.

So what have we learned from this post? We've learned  different ways you can show your collection during  a respectable fashion week. We've also learned that fashion weeks might not be the way you want to take because of the cost. Alexandra's article is definitely a good  starting point for you in case you are looking into showing during a major fashion week. I want to hear from you fashion insiders out there . Do you know any other ways for an upcoming designer to show during major fashion weeks ? Share your tips with us .

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