Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Trendy-plus size african print clothing - Rue 114- ciaafrique
 My prayers have finally been answered. I and many other curvy girls have been complaining about the fact that many of our designers do not cater to the size 14+ body type. I mean you see a dress that you really like and the price is reasonable  but no sizes yikes!!! This happened to me a lot to the point that I just gave up looking at certain sites. I talked about it on twitter the other day and a designer told me that they can customize  for me. I said I want to be like everyone just walk in, pick up and move on. I don't want to wait weeks for one dress.  Well guess what ? someone was already working their magic behind the scenes. Meet Serwah Asante  the Creative Director and Founder of Rue 114. The line was launched back in 2010 as a platform upon which to celebrate beauty and style at all sizes.
African fashion -Trendy-plus size african print clothing - Rue 114- ciaafrique

According to their website

Rue 114 is inspired by and created for women who believe that every shape and size should be celebrated as beautiful. This season, Rue 114 is proud to present its Intro 2012 Capsule Collection, “Et Dieu Créa La Femme” (And God Created Woman). The collection is an homage to and celebration of the female form at all its sizes. Beauty is too mysterious, too coy, too “Saturday night” to be confined into a size 6. The Rue 114 design aesthetic is deeply informed by what it means to be a modern woman of the world, and as such, the inspiration for each collection is limitless. This season, bold African prints in sexy and feminine silhouettes serve as the palette for the Rue 114 introductory collection. 
african fashion -Trendy-plus size african print clothing - Rue 114- ciaafrique

I have not been excited for a collection like this in a while. This line can potentially compete with lines like Monif C and other plus sizes designer lines out there. The sizes start from Small to 2x , and they do have online shopping available. There are not a lot of peices at this point but I honestly think that they did good for debut collection. Good Lookbook, good website and fab models. The only thing I would recommend is to  put out themselves out there a little bit more. I had not heard of this site up until today. I can't wait to see more from Rue 114. In the meantime check out their site. 
African fashion

Trendy-plus size african print clothing - Rue 114- ciaafrique

pagne africain

Trendy-plus size african print clothing - Rue 114- ciaafrique

So what do you think of Rue 114 debut collection ? Is it one of your favorite African fashion houses? designers? would you like to see more from them? Please comment and subscribe to Ciaafrique.com  


  1. tell me about it! i know what you mean my dear...i lovee the rue 114 collection...just my kind of look.

  2. I love!!!!very classy...

  3. The printed strip at the back of the dress is super sexy!!!


  4. Can you say HOTTTTTTTTTTTT and I like them both!

  5. hello rue, like your fashion trend am plus size myself and how do i contact you for transactions.


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