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Mimi Plange'sAutumn 2011/12 collection

 A young designer trying to make it into the fashion world has lot of questions  crossing their mind and one of those could be how did this designer make it to the top? Is it difficult for African designers to be noticed for their work and sometimes its good to see someone you can relate to once you ready  enter the business. Ciaafrique's favorite  Ghanaian designer  Mimi, the creative mind behind  Mimi Plange formerly known as boudhoir D'huitres does not need  an introduction on this site. Her designs have been worn  by celebrities such as Estelle , Rihanna , Vanessa Hudgens  and she is been featured in the New York Times, Marie Claire mag, Essence to name a few. Mimi Recently did a presentation of her latest collection during New York fashion week  which I posted about here. Being a good designer is about founding your own voice and sticking to it and Mimi has done just that. Here at ciaafrique I am really curious to know how some of our favorite African designers have made their way to the top. So I recently approached Mimi plange and asked her about the  secret to her success and here is what she had to say

"Success is relative to where you are, at a specific moment in time.  I believe a key to my personal success has been the willingness to adapt to the state of current affairs and being in tune with the arts, literature and digital media.  I strongly believe in craftsmanship, nuance, and individuality.  I believe in my dreams and know that the first steps toward success starts there...  Ultimately, the key is staying true to yourself in all things." Mimi

  I am sure there is more to share however staying to true to yourself is indeed the way to go. Everyone get inspired from something when they designs however the way you interpret your inspirations is what's going to make the difference between you and the next designer . Mimi is definitely a designer on my radar. I can't wait to see what she got in store of us for the coming seasons.

So what do you guys think of Mimi's quote?

Photo: Mimi Plange

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  1. Her quote is beautiful. I would like a designer to take us through what they did exactly (from inception) that took them to the top

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