Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Africa  fashion week just wrapped up last week . We've seen some stunning  collections and some not so good ones. I could not have ended my review series without talking a bit about the stunning collection of Kiki clothing . Now y'all know that kiki has been ciaafrique's fave for a while . Ciaafrique revealed their last collection before this one and also featured Nicole  Ari Parker wearing a few of  Titi's pieces. Kiki clothing  was one of few  designers that used  ankara in their collections. From short dresses to  beautiful short rompers with puffy sleeves to a few  models wearing shoes matching their pieces with hair sleeked,kiki's show was delightful. I  asked the designer about her inspiration behind the collection here is what she had to say:

" Part of the collection was inspired by traditional European costume from the 1600 to 1800s. Stained glass windows, also from that era, was a form of inspiration. I tend to look back into history and be inspired by different cultures and predominantly the African continent. I wanted to come out with a collection that was fun, wearable and with a burst of vibrant colours." 

Photos Credits :Simon Deiner/ SDR Photos

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  1. where can we find her collection for purchase? Thank you.


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