Thursday, October 6, 2011


October is here, which means that the fall season is about to be in full swing. Depending on where you may live, it is probably about the time of year when you are beginning to see the leaves change color and the temperature begin to drop. Of course, the other thing that tends to happen this time of year, and indeed during any change between seasons, is that people’s fashion choices begin to adapt to new temperatures and changing weather and atmosphere. This means that if you have not yet shopped for new fall clothing, it may be time to check out some of the exciting seasonal selections being offered by top designers, such as DKNY. In particular, the DKNY women’s collection has a number of intriguing items, available on among other sites.

 Black Lurex Tweed Collarless Jacket

For example, the “Black Lurex Tweed Collarless Jacket” is an extremely attractive fall fashion option being offered in the DKNY women’s selection. The jacket is very “medium” in a number of senses of the word. To begin with, it is both black and white, resulting in a cool, grey appearance. Additionally, it falls somewhere between casual and fashionable, and somewhere between light and heavy. All of these combinations fall in tune with the fall season, which is itself a sort of in-between time, where things are slightly darker, slightly cooler, etc. This is a great option for fashion-conscious women this fall season.
Of course, depending on your location and living situation, you may not just be shopping for new jackets this fall. You may also want to check out items such as DKNY’s “Black Long Sleeve Silk Button Through Blouse,” which is a sleek black color that fits with the generally duller colors that dominate fall fashion, and which is long-sleeved, but also light weight. If you are looking to trade in your lighter summertime tops for something a bit more fitting for colder weather and changing seasons, a blouse like this one might be a great place to start.

While this article has focused on a couple of individual items, searching through an entire collection from a high-end designer such as Donna Karen New York can be a great way to find some new and exciting fall clothing. Rather than simply buying what the department stores at your local mall put in front of you, make a statement this fall by really defining your own fashion. You may have to pay a little bit more for items like those mentioned in this article, but you will no doubt look your best for the duration of the fall season.

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