Monday, October 3, 2011


 Congolese designer Marie-Chance Gallimoni is the creative mind behind 'Chancie Style'. 
Since an early age she has always been influenced by the creative arts. In 2005 she went on to study fashion and clothing, and after achieving her qualification at Southgate College in 2008, she dedicated the following year towards developing her craft.One of her aims has always been to create designs that incorporate her African origins into the more western, modern style of fashion; an aim she has achieved, and in doing so was able to find opportunities to showcase her first two collections, which successfully graced the catwalk across various shows in the UK.
This encouraged her to work towards getting her clothing label, "Chancie Style", recognised and to continue to expand her ideas.Chancie is fuelled by the inspiration to create unique designs which include a blend of African prints and other cultural influences with normal fabric. Her goal to provide a clothing line with a style that showcases youth, vibrancy and sophistication, although involving African prints, is targeted at a much wider audience.

You can see more of this lookbook here

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