Monday, September 26, 2011


I hope you all spent a very fashionable weekend. Ok so here is the thing a few days ago when I saw the above picture of Amber rose with these young muslim girls in Ghana I was like "really?". What can this girl do or say to these young girls to inspire them ? Apparently I was not the only one feeling this way.The media has been bashing her about her trip to Ghana and a few comments she made about Africa.So Amber took it to her blog to respond.  

U do something positive in this industry u get scrutinized I really came to the conclusion that its not even about me its the fact that I'm a woman. Men in the entertainment industry are praised constantly for their " wrong doings". if ur a drug dealer and u took care of ur family before ur fame everyone understands. If u get shot in the mist of u hustling ur cool as fuck. If a mans naked pics hit the internet ppl think its cute or funny then just talk about how big he is. A Man can date 20 models at the same time and he is respected by the world and if a girl does it she's a disgusting whore and a "Star Fucker" Women get destroyed by the media and our peers constantly but I am writing this to specifically speak about myslf. Regardless of the fact I dated Kanye for 2 years or the fact I was a stripper at 15 years old or that my most private pics were stolen from me and a new batch hit the internet every week, I am a human being. I'm a daughter, a best friend, a great wife and a all around good person. i never speak negatively about anyone. Have I? NO. U think i don't want to? I course I do I'm human. But I keep my life positive and I stay strong every time my ex talks about me in his songs or when these blogs tell nothing but lies about me or when ppl say that I shouldn't be speaking to young girls in Africa. Why wouldn't I speak to those girls? I AM West African just like them, I grew up poor just like them, most of those girls quit school to take care of their families JUST LIKE I DID. So how the hell do they not relate to my life and I theirs??? Talking to those young girls wasn't a job for me feeding those kids wasn't a job for me it wasn't for publicity and I didn't get paid to do it. I went there cuz I LOVE to help ppl. I DON'T want a pat on the back for shit that I do from my heart or even a thank u it was my blessing to go out to Ghana it is a second home for me now and it changed my life FOREVER! So don't criticize me and say why is Kanye's ex stripper Girlfriend in Africa I am so much more then that smh there is a reason why he loved me so much and theres a reason why Wiz loves me so much now did u ever think maybe I'm just a sweet person? Every girl reading this has an ex boyfriend and every guy reading this is most likely dating a girl that has been with more then 1 guy. So what have I done to everyone? Its it because u think I am undeserving of this life because of my past? Or is it pure hatred? If I was a man and dated 2 female artist would that be ok? Thats not as bad right? Bullshit. And the one thing that is extremely upsetting is the fact that woman criticize me more then men do. Look at yourselves before u criticize someone u don't know Look at the mistakes you've made in ur life. ppl are so negative it's ridiculous But I will continue to be positive, Loving and all about women empowerment and to my Rosebuds I know u guys get it and I LOOOOVE u so much for supporting me through all of this nonsense. Thank u -Amb
So  I did something that most of us do : Judging . I do not condone  what she did in her past because we all did something (maybe not stripping )in our past  that  we wished we could take back.The difference between us is that we are not celebrities  and our lives are not on the blogs for people to judge us even though they don't know us.Whether she has a talent or not there has to be something about her that people like. Anyways shame on Assa for judging.

What do you guys think ?

So now on a fashion related news here is Amber rose wearing a few outfits from Ghanaian designers.


  1. you right Assa we are al guilty of judging people we dont know anything about.

  2. She is right!we all judge people forgetting that we ourselves do not have a guiltless life.


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