Monday, August 15, 2011

2011 African fashion week in London : Aamaa, Davida ,Rayo collection, Chancie Style, Minola fashion house


Chancie Style 
Sorry guys , as much as I wanted to load the 400 pictures I received  I was a bit disappointed with many of the designers showing  5 to 6 outfits . This actually reminds me of the mini fashion show we used to  do in college. I was not there therefore I  can only  judge by the pics  , we  (Africans) definitely need higher standards if we want to be respected in the fashion industry . You  can't just show 3 pieces of clothes at a fashion show and expect people to buy your clothes or even be called a fashion designer.  Half of the clothes were the same thing with different fabrics and  zero Creativity. There you go I said it, I won't bother  uploading  the rest and beside you can see the pics many other places. Cheers

Photos: Frederic de la Chapelle
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