Monday, July 25, 2011

Top trends at the 2011 Africa fashion week New York

One of the most anticipated African fashion shows  took place last week. The three day event showcased the work of 21 designers from Africa and the Diaspora.Unfortunately I was not able to attend but the lovely Neema Syovata  was there and  helped me put put this post  together .

Some of the most colorful people I know are African – we do it so well. So as you can imagine, it was not lacking on the runway during AFWNY 2011 (color that is).I was only able to attend day one of the shows which featured the following designers Gloria Wavamunno  Korto Momolu, KikoRomeo, , Rough,Blackbird Designs , Syl Anim, Bebegrafiti, Kachi Designs, and Jo Black Craze. Based on the pictures made available to us by the fashion notebook here are some of the trends  I noticed – as experienced from the front row (I can’t tell you how psyched I was).

Off Shoulder

From left to right :
1. Kachi Designs
2.Fikirte Addis
3.Syl Anim
4.Korto Momolu
5.Korto  Momolu

Maasai Inspired

Black bird Jeans

Maxi Dresses

From left to right 

1.Bebe Grafiti
2.Fikirte Addis
3.Asakeoge Couture
4.Syl  Amin
5.Kachi Designs

Bold Accessories  
From left to right
2.Gloria Wavamunno
3.Bebe Grafiti
4.Kachi designs
5.Korto Momolu


Now, in true African fashion at the end of Korto Momolu’s collection, there was a wedding, I mean for real this couple actually got married, the bride of course wearing a creation by the designer. After the initial “what the”- it was actually quite adorable and she looked lovely.

You can actually see all the collections on this page from the Fashion notebook

Photos credits: Emma Cheppy

Neema Syovata


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