Friday, July 1, 2011


What is the name of your fashion label and its designer? 
Anna Luks is the design label and my name is Anna Lukindo

When was it established? 
I started the launch of Anna Luks towards the end of 2010

Where are you based? 

Tell us about your fashion background, how you got started, why you got into fashion and the type of designs you do.
 I guess I got into fashion from my mum and older sisters but it was always in my nature to create. Apart from my architectural back ground, I also was very much into performing arts and into design and won first prize in a design competition too back home in Tanzania. After I had my family, I got back into clothes designing and drawing. As I always loved working with a variety of textiles a lot of my work in Anna Luks uses recyclable materials such as ropes, cords, and yarn. My clothing designs and accessories are at present mainly for women.

How hard was it to get started? 
As anyone who runs their business can tell you it’s not easy to set out on your own, especially in the fiercely competitive world of fashion. You just have to be determined and have great support networks in place.

What has been your greatest success to date within the fashion industry? 
Launching Anna Luks, receiving positive feedback and from within the industry (creative peers, photographers, models) and general public supporters.

What is the future vision and aim for your label?
More collections from Anna Luks, expansion and international recognition. Check out for the rest of the collection.

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