Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FASHIZBLACK needs your help

After going through most of the magazines already on newsstands, we realized that we could not identify ourselves with any of them. There were western magazines, with a cruel lack of diversity, and African magazines hardly ever conceived with a global outlook.
After these few observations, FASHIZBLACK was born, halfway through both currents. Published as an online magazine issued every two months, and as a blog updated every day, FASHIZBLACK has now 19 issues, 200.000 unique monthly readers, and more than 20.000 Facebook fans. Also, our museSolange Knowles agreed to be exclusively our cover girl last September, and so did the lovely Simmons Sisters in January. We’ve been buzzing on and offline, talked about the most amazing up and coming designers from Lagos, Cape Town, London, New York or Paris, worked with great photographers, make-up artists and stylists around the globe, and had the support of our incredible community of readers, who are so ready for the next big thing. It’s is now time to reach that ULTIMATE STEP we’ve all been craving for: produce a high-end glossy FASHIZBLACK magazine that fits our high standards!
The project of this print magazine sticks to the online editorial line, so it will still be about trends reviews, catwalks pictures, focus on designers, analysis of the industry, shopping lists with great bargains for Men and Women, and amazing photoshoots, all produced by ourselves.This milestone issue will be published on January 2012, available in French+English, and distributed internationally.


We are Paola, Laura and Patrick, co-founders of the magazine. We worked really hard for more than three years to get this project out of the ground and we were lucky enough to meet and have the chance to work with a fantastic team: Raissa, Paul-Arthur, Stella, Damien, Laura B. and the ‘Entre-Deux’ bloggers help us keep the project running every day!


We decided to join forces with KICKSTATER as it’s SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT:
* Pick up your pledge in the grey column on the right (HOW MUCH are you willing to invest, and WHAT can you expect from it?).
* You will then have to enter/sign up to Amazon. It’s very easy, we promise.
* Enter your credit card info BUT you will only be charged once the project is COMPLETELY FUNDED (40 000$). (MORE INFO ON the ‘Guidelines’ Kickstarter page)
* Then, you just have to share the link and have all friends participate in this awesome venture. We need everybody to get involved and give life to this magazine that we all love so much.

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