Thursday, July 28, 2011

D.I.Y : How to make your own African print shoes ?

Photo credit: Curvy Geekery
 Hey Guys,
I have been meaning to start a DIY post on Ciaafrique for while but been a bit busy. I Am a big fan of Do it Yourself because you can save so much money by doing so .Anyways I stumble upon this great DIY on the Curvy Geekery's blog and thought that this was a  great way to revamp your old pumps or even flats. You don't necessarily have to  use Ankara you can use  any type of fabric you like.I have a bunch of shoes that I no longer wear so I am going to try this pretty soon. If you  happen to try this tutorial  feel free  to drop me a line and tell me  how it went.,in the meantime have a  fashionable day !!!!!!!

Click here for the full tutorial.


  1. This post is amazing! I will try this out too:)

  2. Nice. what other kind of glue can one use instead of the fabric glue

  3. Waoh!! Amazing!! I'll try it out and also attribute on my blog


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