Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2011 Dakar Fashion week Recap

Dakar Fashion Week was took place last week and I was fortunate enough to watch the events live.. Some of the designers invited were ADAMA PARIS , ALAIN NIAVA,ALFREDO MONSUY,BEATRICE BEE ARTHUR,DIOGOMAYE LO, FALLOU STYLE,MATHILDE BADJI, MARIEM BOUSSIKOU,MARIAM DIOP,PATRICK ASSO,MARIAH BOCOUM KEITA and more ...The show was amazing and I have no doubt that Dakar is on his way to be one the  fashion capitol of  Africa. There are quite a few pictures available online however because of copyright reasons I can't post them on ciaafrique. Here is link where you can check a few backstage photos http://www.backstage.2central.net/?p=1 
Below are some videos highlighting the night of the show and the fashion award show as well.

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