Friday, February 25, 2011

African designers at the 2011 London fashion Week : Gloria Wavamunno

Ugandan designer Gloria Wavamunno launched her latest collection during 2011 London fashion week .I am a big fan of Gloria's work however this collection was too simple for me. I will let you readers be the judge.

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Photos Credits:  Carl Leung

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  1. sorry where the f....k are the black models . I will never buy from an african designer that do not use black models

  2. Lol! This is the comment that fueled the twitter debate. Honestly oh, that's so not cool- no African models anywhere smh.

    I like the little tube tops with the free form pants though.


  3. Lol ,I know she or he does have a point . Not really sure she used only white models . Maybe they were the only ones available .

  4. The models are chosen by the organizers of each show at London Fashion Week...

    Dont be so fast to judge. If you'd actually look up the designer's work, you'd see she predominately uses African models for photoshoots.

    Great collection by the way.

  5. There are plenty of Black models in London trust me . she just used the white models to attract another audience . You know what ? sometimes us African don t buy their products, we rather go to our local tailor and replicate . So , the designers have to do what they have to.


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