Monday, November 8, 2010



Passionate about fashion, upon graduating from high school, Anna Ngann Yonn enrolls at Paris fashion design school -ESMOD- where, after three years of studying in the fields of women’s ready-to-wear and haute couture, she becomes a stylist.
Back in her native Cameroon, Anna opens an art studio/showroom specialized in tailor-made items which soon becomes a successfull business with a strong and constantly growing clientele.
In 2001 she opens her very first boutique in Douala and launches her clothing line : KREYANN.
The KREYANN style is pure and simple, with a special touch that makes every piece unique. Fabrics are chosen for their components, and the brand’s ecclectics clientele is linked by one common thread : an open mind, and a love for the unique shapes, colors and precise details of the KREYANN pieces.

Anna has participated in an number of fashion shows in Cameroon and abroad-events she holds very dear to her heart- and as she evolves on her journey, she keep setting new goals for the future, one of which being to generate continued awareness for her brand source
Here are a few pictures of her work ( Just Fabulous!!!) 

So what do you think of  Anna Ngann Yonn work?  

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