Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blog love : African fashionista Chioma Amaryllis Ahaghotu

Blog love is a section of this blog that I dedicate to my favorite Bloggers/stylistas/ fashionistas .  Chioma is a fashion blogger that first caught  my attention on BELLA NAIJA a while back . I was like wow this girl is the real deal because she is so different and  following her own trend. I Selected a few pictures based on the current weather(summer). Since we are in summer I thought It will be great to  get a bit inspired on how Chioma wears her shorts . I get my daily fashion dose from her blog and think you should too. 
Her  blog is called 


check more here 


  1. I love the simplicity and use of colors. Casualwear but yet with a ultra chic and sexy vibe. I dig it and would love to explore the possibilities of featuring the clothes on my creative arts website:

  2. she is beautiful , good sense of style

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  4. thank you Assa for the feature :)
    glad you like the blog.


  5. When did she stop wearing bracelets around both ankles? Such a shame!

  6. Colorful and stylish, this is good. U left fb??


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